Aircraft management

Aircraft management

Throughout 12 years many international companies and private owners entrust us their aircrafts. The main business activity of our company – aircraft management and maintenance of private and corporate business jets.

Cooperation with maintenance and support services all over the world as well as our own engineering and technical base enable us to provide service and maintenance at the highest level.

Depending on clients’ needs we can provide both flight services and commercial operation of the aircraft.

Our company arrange
  • Aircraft and the crew insurance
  • Uninterrupted work with the airports
  • Aircraft fueling
  • Obtaining flight permissions and parking
  • Scheduled inspections of technical condition of an aircraft and its maintenance

FTC pays special attention to the process of obtaining new business jet under our management. During the acceptance our company carries out the following procedures:

  • Full administrative support for Aircraft registry
  • Analysis of CAMP information and detailed audit of existing technical documentation with the provision of Discrepancy List
  • Soft transfer, development of MEL (Minimum Equipment List) and the maintenance program – MP (Maintenance Program) – if necessary
  • Filling out all necessary documentation from the country of registration to the new operator
  • Maintaining and storing aircraft documentation in the Company’s software and physically in the archive
  • Legal and technical guidelines

Technical condition of the fleet under our management is the pride of FTC company.

Our own engineering department allows us to independently monitor the condition of the aircraft and carry out minor technical works without the need flying to a technical center. Regular technical examinations, forms and inspections are carried out strictly in accordance with the aircraft manufacturers instructions.

In case of necessity to conduct difficult technical works or eliminate major faults we turn to certified technical centers.

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